Can a Family Physician Be a Good Doctor For Your Child?

The best time to choose Family Physicians in Andover Kansas is before birth, during the last 2 months of pregnancy. A prenatal consultation allows the two parties to get to know each other and clear doubts and questions. Prenatal care serves to prepare both the parents and the doctor for the immediate future. The doctor-patient relationship should have progressively mutual trust and the prenatal consultation is a good time to start.

Also, before the baby is born, it is important for the physician to know the personality, family history, doubts and fears of future parents, as this will result in a better relationship with the newborn and the parents. After delivery, the mother usually feels happy, exhausted, sore and excited -; all at the same time. This requires some special care. During the first 2 months of life of any child, the parents will notice that, when the child is around a lot of people and noise, the baby tends to isolate itself and sleep a lot. However, later on, that overdrive can generate inconsolable crying. Therefore, allowing the baby to spend time in its nursery for a few hours a day is smart.

The newborn will sleep most of the day, just waking up to feed and potty. In some cases, you might seem him or her be alert and quiet while fixating on something. They “work” very hard to adapt to life outside the womb (sounds, colors, smells, schedules, etc.). It is common for a baby to cry between 2-4 hours per day. Overall, this crying is attributed to various issues like “colic” and usually subside with cradling and rocking the baby, etc. If you are concerned, contact your local Family Physicians in Andover Kansas.

Some children are soothed by sucking on a pacifier or something like a finger; this is called non-nutritive sucking. Some babies take one or two days to “wake up.” This means that although they remain sleepy and have difficulty feeding, they still get the nutrients they need. It is customary for the puerperal mother to feel overwhelmed as the mother needs a lot of help and support. This is a very sensitive transitional period, and if the mother is well contained and accompanied, it is pleasantly resolved within a few weeks. Contact Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC to learn more.

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