Correct Vision Issues with Eye Surgery in Green Bay, WI

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Eye Care


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Just the thought of needing eye surgery in Green Bay WI can make people cringe. Perhaps it’s because they don’t understand the benefits of having cataract, glaucoma, or other types of eye surgery performed. In many instances, the vision that was lost may be fully or partially restored after the surgery has taken place.

Eye Surgery

One of the things people wonder about regarding eye surgery is if they will see it being performed. The answer would be no. You may see some movement and light, but not the actual surgery itself. Being awake during surgery helps the doctor to communicate with the patient, and it is less dangerous for an individual to be in a semiconscious state versus being under general anesthesia.

Cataract Surgery

When a patient undergoes cataract eye surgery in Green Bay WI, a laser or scalpel is used to remove the natural cloudy lens. Once the natural lens is gone, a new artificial lens is implanted so the patient can have clear vision without the cloudiness caused by cataracts. Cataract surgery is a common procedure that can greatly improve how a person sees the world.

Glaucoma Surgery

Surgery for glaucoma is relatively new. It is done to reduce the pressure in a patient’s eye. Once performed, the flow of fluid out of the eye will be greatly improved, and the pressure in the eye will be lower as a result.

Other Needs for Eye Surgery

When an eye has a torn retina, it should be corrected right away to avoid further complications such as a retinal detachment. A torn retina can be cured by using a laser or cryotherapy to seal the retina to the back of the eye to prevent it from detaching completely. If the retina becomes detached, surgery should be performed right away to prevent permanent vision loss.

Improving one’s vision may require surgery at some point. A patient should understand that, although they may be awake during a procedure, they won’t see or feel what’s going on. They may, however, hear the doctor and nurse talking, and they may even enjoy a conversation with them, along with hearing the sounds of the instruments being used during the procedure. For any concerns regarding vision issues, please Contact The Green Apple Eye Care Office for more information and assistance.

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