Eczema Skin Care Treatment in Lehigh Valley, PA

Do you have dry skin that is itchy and red or dreads going out at times because you are embarrassed by this condition? It may be that you have eczema, and skin care treatment in Lehigh Valley PA can be of great help in reducing the symptoms and outbreaks. What exactly is eczema and how can it be treated?

What is Eczema?

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is an inflammation of the skin. A chronic condition that is often seen in children, eczema may actually affect a person of any age and lead to the skin becoming cracked and leathery. Individuals who have other allergies are more prone to this skin issue, and it does tend to run in families. Other possible causes of eczema include an underlying skin condition or an immune system that is overactive.

What May Trigger an Outbreak?

People often find they have an eczema breakout after being exposed to a particular trigger. For example, when a person is under stress, they may find they notice this skin condition arises. Certain substances, such as a particular fabric, could lead to an outbreak, and some individuals find when they get overheated and sweat their symptoms increase. Dry skin can bring about an outbreak, and the same is true of a climate that is cold and dry.

Treatment Options

Treatment options range from very mild to more intense. For some individuals, a change in their bathing routine is enough to resolve the problem. Lowering the water temperature in the shower and changing to a mild soap may halt eczema. Others need a hydrocortisone cream or a prescription antihistamine to keep symptoms at bay. Ultraviolet light therapy has been shown to benefit some people with atopic dermatitis, and corticosteroids or other prescription medications might be required. The doctor must determine what options to try and when.

Browse our website if you are in need of Skin Care Treatment in Lehigh Valley PA for your eczema. A dermatologist examines the skin and takes a complete medical history to determine if the person is suffering from eczema and determines how best to go about treating the condition. For some patients, one type of treatment will be enough. Others, however, find they need a combination of treatments. The physician works to find the best treatment plan that meets your needs.

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