Exploring Your Options for Eyelash Extensions and Permanent Eyebrows

Lash Extensions and Permanent Brows

Lash extensions and permanent eyebrows from a Longmont esthetician will enhance the beautiful features you already have. Lash extensions are a great alternative to waterproof mascara. They’re great for providing length, volume, and promote a youthful appearance. Lash extensions can be done to suit your needs in several different styles from soft and natural to bold and dramatic. Permanent eyebrows give you a natural-looking brow that is smudge-proof and reduces the time of cosmetic application. If you’ve lost eyebrow hair due to cosmetic maintenance like tweezing and waxing or if you have lost eyebrow hair from a medical condition, permanent eyebrows may be just what you need to restore your self-confidence.

Lash Extensions

JMarie Skin Studio’s lash extensions come in classic, hybrid, or volume. We also offer lash lifts and tinting. Classic extensions are for anyone looking for a simple look that provides a gentle boot of length and volume. If you’re looking for thicker, naturally dramatic lashes, hybrid extensions are a great fit. For anyone seeking the boldest, and most dramatic look, volume extensions will provide the maximum effect. With a lash lift, your lashes will be temporarily curled or straightened. Also, a tint is applied that creates a lush, dark look with very low maintenance.

Permanent Brows

If you’re looking for permanent eyebrows in Longmont, you might also consider microblading and powder brows. Microblading and powder brows will bring life back to your face. You will wake up worry-free without the hassle of smudging and sweating them off. Microblading creates fine, hair-shaped lines with a hand tool that will give you a full brow appearance. The procedure is semi-permanent and lasts between two to three years. Powder brows, or ombre brows, is a newer, less-invasive procedure. The procedure is done by a machine that places fine dots in a shading technique evenly across the skin. Powder brows are also a great option for every skin type.

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