Getting Periodontal Treatment in Sparks NV

Periodontal Treatment in Sparks NV is needed when a patient is experiencing pain caused by an infectious disease (bacteria) that affects and destroys the teeth and its supporting tissues (gum and bone). This pathology is quite slow and evolves over several decades. Stagnation of bacteria in dental plaque is the cause of an inflammatory response to the gums and bone as months and years pass. It can affect several teeth or all teeth. The disorder often begins around the age of 30 years, with a very slow evolution. This condition can be stabilized if the patient has improved their daily hygiene, but it cannot be cured once a person is diagnosed with it. In the case of decreased hygiene, there may be a relapse.

Bacterial plaque

The teeth and gums continually have deposits of a thin invisible salivary film. This is constantly invaded by bacteria which, if left untreated, can turn into plaque. These microbes adhere to the teeth and, between them, a sticky substance is produced. Some of these bacteria are responsible for gum disease, while others favor the development of decay.


Brushing your teeth and gums every morning and evening can help disrupt plaque and prevent its development. More importantly, here are some other ways to prevent undergoing a Periodontal Treatment in Sparks NV.

  • Chewing regularly and properly actually helps remove some of the bacteria. In fact, talking and other associated actions can help too.

  • Daily use of dental floss may help remove food residue and bacteria in the spaces between the teeth.

  • Schedule regular scaling and polishing appointments every 6 months.

Depending on the health of a person’s gums, a dentist can advise them on further actions.


Gingival bleeding during brushing or during meals is a symptom of periodontal disease. Folks must, therefore, pay attention because this issue can affect overall health. The absence of bleeding when brushing teeth or during meals is not indicative of the absence of periodontal disease. Gum retraction, reflecting the longer teeth, is one of the symptoms of periodontal disease. Tooth loss and newly-formed spaces between the teeth are two fantastic symptoms of severe periodontal disease. Spontaneous tooth loss is also a consequence of periodontal disease.  for more details.

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