Keizer OR Residents: Symptoms and Treatments for Common Sprains

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Healthcare


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Sprains are the most common type of soft tissue injuries. Many people ignore signs of sprains because they are considered less severe than other types of damage, but you should treat a sprain carefully. Here is what you should know about sprains.

What are Sprains?

Sprains are a type of soft tissue damage that involve the ligaments that hold bones and joints in place. A sprain may be caused by the ligament being torn or stretched too far. These injuries typically occur when you stumble or fall in a way that overextends the joint. Sprains happen anywhere in the body, but the most common joints that are affected by sprains are the wrists and ankles.

Do Sprains Heal without Treatment?

With time, the ligaments heal on their own, but you should take steps to ensure that the ligament heals properly. Rest is of utmost importance and applying heat and ice will reduce any swelling. You should avoid any strenuous activities that require using the affected joint until the ligament heals.

When is It Time to See a Doctor for Your Sprain?

After about one to two weeks, the sprain should feel better. If you still have pain, you should see a doctor. Serious sprains should be treated by a doctor right away, such as those that cause significant pain when using the joint or that cause any type of numbness.

Where to Get Treatment for Sprains in Keizer, OR

Swiftcare LLC treats sprains for Keizer, OR, residents, as well as other sports injuries. Call them today to learn more about their services and schedule an appointment. You can also visit their website.

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