LASIK Recovery Tips Every Patient Should Know

Recovering from an eye surgery doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Here are a few tips to help you.

Be prepared for the discomfort

You may feel an itchy or burning sensation in your eye after the procedure. That’s normal. Expect a bit of mild pain and discomfort as well. Your doctor will recommend that you take pain relievers to ease your condition.

You’ll be tempted to rub your eyes

Do everything in your power to make sure you resist doing this. Rubbing your eye can dislodge the flap. You’ll need treatment to fix any problems or issues that may result. You could also end up with complications or a bad case of infection.

You’ll need eye drops

Eye drops will be your new best friend, at least for as long as you recuperate. Using these drops will help ease the itchiness and dry-eye symptoms you have. That should help you keep yourself from rubbing your eyes.

Pick a good doctor

Look for LASIK doctors with board certification, plenty of years of experience and a great way with patients. You can reduce the risk of ending up with complications when you hire a competent and qualified surgeon to perform the procedure.

Take it easy

Don’t try to immediately get back into the daily grind. Give your body time to heal and recover, the FDA says. If you usually have a demanding or vigorous fitness routine, put that off for two weeks before you start. Consult your doctor before you intend to do anything that may jeopardize your recovery.

Follow the doctor’s orders

The best LASIK doctors will have your interests at heart. That’s why you shouldn’t skip any of the instructions on your surgeon’s list. Don’t forget to follow the doctor’s orders down to the last letter for better results.

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