Need Chiropractic Care After An Accident? A Few Things To Consider:

The effects of a car accident upon the human body are long-lasting. Most often, these are whiplash and concussion injuries inflicted by the sudden wrenching forces imposed upon individuals within a car experiencing a very sudden halt or change in momentum and direction upon impact. A person may think he or she feels fine after getting out of a car wreck without assistance, if that remains possible after the accident. However, that person is anything but fine, and the effects of the injury begin being felt within 24 hours. Seeking medical treatment is imperative.

Within that 24 hour timeframe, a car accident victim can begin feeling the first stiffness in the neck or shoulders, or a headache which comes and goes or doesn’t go away. Pain can worsen with each movement over time, range of motion, and tingling or even a numbness in the arms can present as a symptom. There is often fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, and a host of cognition problems indicating a far more serious injury has occurred.

Immediate treatment will help with the worst of the condition. But recovery from whiplash injury can be a very long process. This is when the services of the best chiropractor in Colorado Springs that can be found proves massively helpful. Chiropractic care in addition to other physical therapy should be part of any accident recovery process. Neck and back vertebrae as well as the connecting soft tissues, become stretched and torn in the event of a serious whiplash. The proper manipulations of these vertebrae and tissues can help relieve pain, restore proper alignment, and aid in reconditioning those areas of the body which suffered the greatest stresses in an accident. The treatments which an experienced Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) can perform are vital to proper health. Physical stress management and pain control relieves the body from lingering trauma. And when these are reduced, the body can accelerate its own self-healing processes and repair any remaining damage left over from the accident.

Brian C. Helland D.C is a fully licensed and insured practitioner of chiropractic medicine, and offers the full range of his expertise and understanding of the relationship between spinal health and whole body health. He has been serving Colorado Springs area patients for twelve years now, and has helped many persons with chronic pain and suffers of whiplash and other spinal injuries back to full health. Call him for an appointment.

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