Prevent a Variety of Pet Diseases by Having Them Vaccinated

As a cherished member of the family, it is important to provide a pet with the medical care they require to stay healthy. Without the proper care, an animal can be subjected to a variety of diseases that can be harmful to a pet. From severely sick to death, it depends on the type of disease the contract and their treatment on what the outcome will be. However, a host of medical problems can be avoided by receiving the right pet vaccinations in Logan Square to help keep them healthy. While it may be unlikely for an animal to contract an illness, the risk is always there and it’s important to take the steps to help prevent them from being sick.

State Mandated Vaccinations for Pets

A viral disease that causes severe inflammation in the brains of animals and can be spread to humans is known as rabies. In most states, they require by law that cats and dogs are to be inoculated with the rabies vaccine to prevent the spread of the disease to other animals or humans. They are first administered when the pet is 3 months of age and must receive yearly vaccinations against the disease. While some states may allow the pet owner to administer the vaccine, a majority require a certified vet to administer the shot to cats or dogs. A clinic that provides pet vaccinations in Logan Square can provide the rabies shot and various other vaccines that are required to keep a pet healthy.

Keep Your Pet Healthy by Scheduling an Appointment Today

Part of being a responsible pet owner is to make sure they receive the vaccinations required to prevent them being subjected to a variety of diseases. The team at Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic provides the reliable care that you are looking for to make sure your pet remains healthy.

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