Pros and Cons of Ultherapy Body Shaping

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Skin Care Clinic


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While many people would like to get tighter looking skin around the face and neck area, not everyone wants to have an invasive procedure in order to do so. One of the more recent procedures to become available for Body Shaping is Ultherapy, which involves using ultrasound to help lift and tighten the skin. This procedure is FDA approved, but because it’s a cosmetic procedure, it won’t be covered under medical insurance. There are a few things to take into consideration before signing up for Ultherapy in Los Angeles, CA.

Treatment Time

The amount of time it takes for one Ultherapy Body Shaping treatment in Los Angeles, CA, depends on the size of the area being treated, but is typically about somewhere between 30 and 90 minutes long. Some people may see significant results after just one treatment, while others may need multiple treatments to get the effect they’re looking for. Thankfully, there isn’t any significant recovery time. People can typically go back to their normal activities right after the treatment is completed.


The treatment will help stimulate the growth of collagen and tighten the skin, giving results that are similar to those of a facelift but not as extreme. However, results aren’t fully visible right away, it can take a few weeks or months for the full effects of the treatment to be clear. This treatment is geared toward affecting the area under the skin, rather than the surface of the skin, so it won’t help get rid of age spots, acne or discoloration. Areas approved for treatment including the brow, chest, neck and chin.

Potential Side Effects

There can be some heating, tingling and unpleasant sensations during the treatment itself, but these only tend to last for a few minutes. There may also be a bit of redness in the skin for a few hours after treatments. Very rarely, a patient may experience other side effects, such as a small amount of numbness or bruising or a bit of swelling after the treatment.

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