The Basics Behind Using SLS 3D Printing in Modern Applications

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Health


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SLD 3D printing is a way to prototype for small production runs. The process is best suited for prototyping functional polymer components. In the end, this process produces parts that have strong mechanical properties. It also offers a lot of freedom for creativity during the design process. Read on to get a better understanding of SLS 3D bioprinting.

A First Look at SLS

SLS fabrication is not very difficult to understand. The acronym stands for Selective Laser Sintering. In this process, the laser is used to selectively sinter particles of a polymer substance. When this occurs, the layers are fused together. This allows the user to build a part by adding additional layers.

3D Printing Applications

It is best to use SLS 3D printing for small batch projects. It is a great choice if you need to create a prototype or sample production run. Most people choose this process because it offers a lot of different design options. Therefore, it is possible to create almost anything that you desire.

Reviewing the Process

It helps to look at the process behind SLS 3D bioprinting. First, you need to heat the powder bin and build area. Next, the laser scans the plan for the next layer. Sintering is then used to fuse the layers together. Towards the end of the process, a blade will re-coat the surface area and the platform moves downward. Several cycles of this process will be necessary to complete the build.

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