The Right Vet for Your Pet

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Animal Hospitals


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Finding a vet is easy. There’s one on every corner it seems. However, finding the right veterinarian is a bit more complicated. After all, this is your beloved animal. You want someone with the experience, knowledge, and cutting-edge technology to work on your animal. You also want someone who truly cares about the health of your pet from birth to the rainbow bridge.

You can find that vet in the Albany Park area. At our animal hospital, veterinarians and staff are concerned with your fur baby from the moment you walk in the door. An initial puppy or kitten visit can get your pet started on a path to good health, with preventative care such as shots, nutrition counseling, and advice for good training. Parvo, heartworm, and FELV/FIV screenings and blood work can help us pinpoint problems with the animal that needs to be addressed quickly. Preventative medications can be prescribed and filled at the clinic for your convenience.

Over the years, well-checks, cleanings, and regularly monitored blood work will allow the vet in Albany Park to keep an eye on the overall health of your animal. New medications may be needed. Different types of care, such as more frequent walking, may be advised. Sometimes, your furry friend may require surgery. Our state-of-the-art surgical center can handle simple and complex surgeries. Digital radiographic diagnostic services, like digital x-rays, make it easy for us to painlessly check out issues inside of your animal.

Some things are not planned. Accidents and emergencies can happen. When they do, we will be here to care for your animal. Our CO2 laser can be used during surgery to provide minimal bleeding and smaller, more precise cuts, making recovery easier.

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