Tips For Getting Used To New Orthotic Shoe Inserts In Mansfield OH

Orthotics Shoe Inserts in Mansfield OH are prescribed for a variety of issues that cause foot pain. Most often, an orthotic device is designed to correct a misalignment in the foot, leg, or spine, and more properly distribute weight across the bottoms of the feet. Children who have low arches may wear orthotics, and athletes often use them to help prevent injuries. If your doctor recommends orthotic shoe inserts in Mansfield OH, it may be helpful to know what to expect while you’re getting used to them.

Break Them In Slowly

Wearing orthotics for the first time will definitely feel different because the shoe inserts are forcing the feet into a slightly different position than what you’re accustomed to. Podiatrists recommend that patients break them in slowly, wearing them just a few minutes at a time and gradually building up. Most people need anywhere from one to two full weeks before they are ready to wear their inserts full time.

Wear The Right Shoes

Your podiatrist will probably also recommend a specific type of shoe to put the orthotics in. Shoes and socks are also very important in cushioning and supporting the feet and spine, but not all styles of shoes can accommodate an orthotic insert. It’s important to take your orthotics with you whenever you go shoe shopping and try on shoes with the orthotics in place.

Foot Pain Is Common

It is common to experience foot pain during the breaking-in period. Usually, a little pain is actually a positive sign that the orthotics are doing their job and changing the way the feet support the body. However, pain should also be a reminder to take it slowly and keep the breaking-in process gradual. Another source of pain may be from blisters caused by the foot rubbing against the orthotic. If that happens, talk to your podiatrist because he or she will probably be able to trim or adjust the device to minimize friction.

The podiatrist will see you for several follow-ups to make sure that the orthotics are working correctly. To learn more about how Orthotics Shoe Inserts in Mansfield OH can help you, visit Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center Inc.

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