Ultrasound Machine Options: Benefits of Getting a Portable Device

If your practice needs an ultrasound machine, there are two options: There’s the stationary machine and the portable ultrasound machine. The following will tell you why the portable machine is the right option for you.

Improved Accuracy

With stationary ultrasound machines, patients have to be moved to a specific room. This isn’t always possible due to time constraints.

Doctors can’t keep patients waiting in line. The good thing is a portable machine can be easily moved from room to room, which should improve diagnosis accuracy.

Happier Patients

If a patient has to be directed to a room where the stationary machine is, then that patient is probably going to have to wait for a while. This creates anxiety because no one loves to wait.

By investing in a portable ultrasound machine, you’ll improve patient care and experience. That’s a big deal because it means they might refer you to others. Besides, showing patients that you’ve got the tools to take care of them will increase their trust in your practice.


It should also be pointed out that the standard ultrasound machine is not only bulky but also very expensive compared to the portable option.

This is a great thing because it means you should be able to purchase a number of these portable devices so that they can be used by many people in your practice at once.

Ultra Select Medical has been offering these portable devices to practices like yours, so if you’re ready to find yours, go ahead and visit ultraselectmedical.com to find out more or to purchase the ones you feel will meet your needs.

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