You Live South of the City of Atlanta and Are Looking for a Medi-Spa Near You

by | Apr 19, 2024 | Health


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You have several girlfriends that regularly visit a few different medispas in your area. They have been doing so for several years since each reached the age of 60. They have been having several services to rejuvenate the look of their facial skin. Now, since you have reached that age, you believe that it might be time to join them and have a few tweaks made to your face and body.

One of your friends recently underwent a non-surgical treatment called intense pulsed light therapy treatment. You had never heard of IPL but you love how radiant her face is after this treatment. You are now considering IPL in South Atlanta. You decide to research this treatment and find out that it improves the color and texture of the skin. So far, so good. You also learn that it tightens and reduces the saggy skin that you can see developing on your face.

IPL also smooths lines around the nose and mouth. That is what you saw on your friend’s face. That appeals to you. It will help with some of the fine lines you are noticing more often. Even your husband has remarked on the development of these new lines. You think that IPL will help some of the pigment problems you are seeing. You also seem to be growing a little bit of hair on your chin and hope that the intense pulsed light therapy can help that from becoming a bigger problem.

You ask your friend about IPL in South Atlanta and she recommends her medi-spa. It is called Bella Medical Aesthetics, located in South Atlanta. Visit their website at

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