3 Tips to Help You Pick a Doula

Using any pain medication during labor can pose risks for you and the baby. You can opt for natural birth to prevent those risks. A natural or unmedicated birth leads to lower health risks, shorter recovery times, and fewer costs, as a C-section is more expensive than natural birth.

But going through labor without an epidural can be a scary thought. One way to get you through that is to hire a birth doula in Morris County. A doula provides support and services that make the experience better for you and your partner. Here’s how to choose one.

Look for Credentials

Doulas don’t need to be certified. But certifications and training will give you a better sense of what the person is capable of and what she can do to help you and your partner. Choose a doula who is certified by DONA International.

Ask About the Services

Be clear about the support and services that you can expect. Talk about that in greater detail. If you have requests, let your doula know before you get to the delivery room. From providing you with information on prenatal care and nutrition to relieving your lower back pain with massage therapy, helping you manage your insomnia during the pregnancy and more, hiring one can help you prepare for motherhood, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Talk to the Candidates

Credentials shouldn’t be the only factor when you look for a doula. While skills and experience matter, someone that you and your family get along with, and are comfortable to be around with, is also a sound option. You’ll be with your doula at your most stressful—as well as fantastic—times of your life, so you need someone who’s going to add to the wonder and awesomeness of that experience, instead of detract from it.

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