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5 Secrets to Choosing a General Physician 0

Don’t take chances with your health. Find the best general physician in Sugar Land to help you stay in top form. Your comfort matters Pick a doctor you’re comfortable with. If you can communicate and talk to your doctor with ease, then that’s a major plus, The Globe and

Are You Looking for a Quality Chiropractic Sports Center, Find One in West Loop 0

The United States loves its sports! Every year billions of dollars are spent on major sports teams across many different sports. Many colleges offer full-ride scholarships to prospective students who display a good amount of athleticism and skill on the fields. Playing any sport sounds like a good option

Why Kids Need Yoga as Much as You Do 0

There is no use denying it: practicing yoga has more pros than cons. You love it, so why would you not share it with those around you? Namely, your children. They can benefit from yoga practice as much as you can, potentially even more. Children live in a world

Is Your Teenager Struggling with Drug Abuse? 0

Drug addiction can tear families apart. If you think your teenager suffers from addiction, here are a few ways to help you deal with the situation. Watch out for the signs Signs of drug abuse include changes in behavior, sleeping habits, and appetites. If your teen has become secretive,

Understanding Substance Abuse Treatment and Its Procedures 0

There are basically two distinct types of substance abuse treatment; inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient treatment is when the person with the addiction problem is admitted to a facility like a hospital, where they stay until the treatment is over. Such treatment may last from 30 to 90 days. After

Why You’re not Taking Your Pet to the Vet, Why Visit a Veterinarian in Chicago 0

Many times, Chicago residents have pets that seem in perfect health. However, you can’t always tell because animals are well-known for hiding their pain. Even if they don’t seem sick, you still need to ensure that they’re healthy, which can be done through physical exams, blood work, EKGs, and

VNG Testing: Do You Need One? 0

If you often suffer from dizziness or vertigo, then you might need to undergo VNG or videonystagmography. The test is often done to determine if your balance problems or dizziness are being caused by an abnormality in your ear, says everyday Hearing. The procedure The test can be divided