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The United States loves its sports! Every year billions of dollars are spent on major sports teams across many different sports. Many colleges offer full-ride scholarships to prospective students who display a good amount of athleticism and skill on the fields. Playing any sport sounds like a good option right about now. While sports and exercise, in general, are necessary for having good health, it’s not without its risks.

Types of Sports Injuries

Players get hurt on the fields and in courts every day, some of which are light sprains. The most common sports injuries are strains and sprains. While they sound extremely similar, there’s a difference between the two. A sprain is an injury sustained to ligaments, which are the tough bands that connect bones together in joints. Over stretching these ligaments can cause tears; this is known as a sprain. Similarly, a strain is when a muscle tendon, which connects the muscles to bones, gets over stretched. Both ligaments and tendons serve as a sort of rubber band. They stretch to accommodate movement, but if pulled too far, they can ‘snap’ or in this case, tear. These spraining and straining injuries may be common and relatively easy to recover from, but there are many other injuries that are more damaging and equally more difficult to spring back from.

The Best Way to Treat Sports Injuries

For more serious sports injuries, consider visiting a sports chiropractic clinic. A sports chiropractor is a professional who’s skilled in preventing and relieving sports-related injuries, as well being knowledgeable on how to perfect muscle strengthening and conditioning techniques among their patients. Finding a professional in West Loop is as easy as asking your general physician for recommendations. They usually have connections with qualified professionals in your area and can refer you to the best one for your needs.

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