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NYC Hair Transplants Can Address Male Pattern and Female Pattern Baldness 0

When you first notice thinning hair, it can make you feel a little worried. It then reaches a point where you start feeling self-conscious when you are in public. It may make you feel unattractive and lose some of your self-confidence. If you want to take control of your

Reasons Why Hair Transplants in New Jersey Are Becoming so Popular 0

One of the most defining characteristics people associate with “aging” or “being old” is hair loss. When one thinks of an “old man,” they almost always envision them as bald. This is why for most young men the idea of prematurely losing their hair seems like the biggest nightmare

Answers to Common Questions About Hair Transplants in CT 0

For people losing their hair, hair transplants might be the solution they have been searching for. But surgery seems like a big step, and patients have many questions. Here are several answers to common questions associated with hair transplants. What Types of Hair Transplants Are There? There are two

Thinning Hair in New Jersey? What are Your Options Apart from Hair Transplant Surgery 0

There are approximately 4.5 million men living in New Jersey today. Since experts estimate that up to 80% of men suffer from hair loss at some point in their lives, that means nearly 3.6 million men in New Jersey may be suffering from hair loss at any given point