NYC Hair Transplants Can Address Male Pattern and Female Pattern Baldness

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Hair Restoration


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When you first notice thinning hair, it can make you feel a little worried. It then reaches a point where you start feeling self-conscious when you are in public. It may make you feel unattractive and lose some of your self-confidence. If you want to take control of your appearance and feel great again, learn about hair restoration in NYC.

Hair restoration surgery is a good option for men and women. If you are dealing with female pattern or male pattern baldness, hair restoration in NYC can help you have natural hair again. It is also a good option for individuals who have thin or bald patches because of surgical scars.

The surgery involves taking a strip of healthy hair follicles from donor area on the sides and back of the scalp. If you are dealing with male pattern baldness, you likely have healthy hair growth in the donor area. After the strip of hair is removed, the incision is immediately closed. The incision will heal into a fine line that is easily hidden among the rest of your hair.

The strip is then dissected into individual follicles which are then implanted in areas where you have bald patches or thinning hair. It usually takes about a week for your scalp to heal. After the healing process, all of their hair will be about the same length if it was cut short beforehand. Women may want to change the style of their hair temporarily after surgery.

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