4 Strategies for Boosting Your Lead Generation for Drug Rehab Centers

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Addiction Treatment


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If you operate a center for drug rehab, SEO practices online can be a huge part of how your services will be found by those in need. However, generating leads takes more than simply acing the keywords in your copy. Here are four more strategies that you can use to draw readers to your website.

1. Use PPC Ads

One of the fastest ways to enhance what you are already doing with your drug rehab SEO practices is to use PPC advertising. Pay-per-click ads only charge you when users click through an ad to your site – but they are displayed in prominent spots on search result pages or other websites to help draw attention to your message. If you use the correct keywords and phrases in your PPC ads, you can draw in even more readers. You do have to be careful with wording because Google Adwords blocks ads that seem to be promoting drug use.

2. Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

Did you know that nearly half of all Internet users are browsing on their mobile devices now? That means that your website needs to be responsive to smaller screens. In other words, it should automatically convert to an easier method of navigation for a smaller screen, without cutting off any of your content. This can be done by using a responsive web theme that automatically does the work for you. Be sure that your website is set up so that visitors can click your phone number and instantly call your facility, for example.

3. Use Geo-Targeting

When people are searching for a drug rehab facility, it’s a safe bet that they want to be close to home, or close to a specific area. Target the area of your facility with SEO that is geared towards the area. This is called geo-targeting and can help you generate more local traffic among people more likely to be seeking treatment in your area.

4. Create Group-Specific Landing Pages

Every type of lead that goes back to your site should lead to a different landing page meant for that audience. If you are targeting young adults on social media, the landing page should be geared towards the stress of student loans or the anxiety of finding work after college, for example. If you are targeting men on sports-themed Internet fora, consider having a landing page that addresses their specific needs.

Build your drug rehab SEO strategies carefully and you could easily see a huge increase in your lead generation.

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