5 Reasons Your Doctor Asks You to Get an MRI Scan

MRI scans help your doctor diagnose your condition. It provides a detailed image of the organs, tissues, bones, and more. As a diagnostic tool, they provide your physician with detailed images that they can use to check if you have any health conditions. MRI scans make that possible without having you undergo invasive procedures. Here’s what else MRI scans do and why your doctor might request them from you.

Monitor Your Condition

If you already have an existing condition, an MRI scan is an easy and painless way for your doctor to keep track of what’s happening. Since the images show the affected site, your doctor can tell—based on the images—if you are getting better or not.

Check Your Treatment

Your doctor might recommend that you get an Altamonte Springs MRI scan. If you are currently receiving treatment, an MRI scan is one way for your doctor to check up on your condition. The images help your doctor evaluate the results of the treatment. If there aren’t any major changes, your physician might decide to switch to a different treatment or explore other options.

Perform Follow-Up Treatments

If you’ve been through surgery and are in recovery, an MRI scan is also one way for your doctor to look at the condition of your organs, bones, tissues, muscles, and more. The MRI scan helps your doctor decide if you require further treatment or are already healing up nicely.

Determine Extent of Injury

If you’ve been injured, an MRI scan also helps doctors determine how bad the damage is. The scan helps physicians accurately figure out the extent of the problem, so they can develop the best possible course of treatment.

Eliminate Diseases

If they’re not certain what your condition is, an MRI scan helps them eliminate conditions so that they can arrive at the right diagnosis.

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