A Medical Weight Loss Center in Louisville KY Helps Middle-Aged Clients Achieve Results

Middle-aged people who have been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight for years tend to feel very frustrated about the situation. They’ve probably been diligent with a variety of diets, such as high-protein menus and diets that substitute protein shakes for a meal or two each day. When dieting and exercising don’t work, they may achieve the results they want with the help of a Medical Weight Loss Center in Louisville KY. There, they learn more about why the aging process makes it more difficult to lose weight, and they begin strategies that specifically address that problem.

Natural hormone levels decline as people move beyond young adulthood. Weight gain and an inability to lose excess weight can be a result of this reduction in hormones. Supplemental, entirely natural hormones provided at a Medical Weight Loss Center in Louisville KY can boost calorie burning and also generate more physical energy, so the client feels motivated to exercise.

Exercise is important, but unfortunately, unless someone engages in a great deal of physical activity, losing weight through exercise alone is difficult in the middle-age years. A diet that dramatically reduces sugar intake and processed foods tends to be more effective. This might be thought of as a common-sense diet, as it primarily focuses on lean meat, low-starch vegetables and certain kinds of fruit. It counteracts the insulin resistance that can begin occurring as a person ages and gains weight. Insulin resistance means the body still produces enough insulin to break down sugar that’s consumed and use it for energy, but it becomes resistant to the effects of insulin.

Supplements from a weight loss center such as InShapeMD are provided to suppress appetite and to supply any nutrition the client might not get while eating a low-calorie menu. People who undertake this venture are typically surprised at how good they feel while on the program. The pounds come off more speedily than they expected, especially after years of ineffective efforts. As they lose weight, the counselors at the center modify and expand the diet, so it’s not as restrictive. Anyone interested in this program may browse the website and learn more.

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