Addressing Low Back Pain in Ferguson

Those who suffer from Low Back Pain in Ferguson often attempt to ignore their symptoms in the hope the pain will go away on its own. While patients with mild discomfort may recover without assistance, back pain may still indicate more serious medical issues that could have a serious impact on a person’s life. This type of pain can make basic actions like walking, standing, and bending painful. Below are a few reasons that back pain shouldn’t be ignored.

Nerve Pain is Possible

In many cases, nerve pain is not related to the muscles or spine. Depending on the location of the pain and accompanying symptoms, instability in the lower back could indicate nerve root irritation or damage, which may be irreversible. Some nerve-related medical conditions initially present with lower back pain eventually result in muscle weakness, tingling, or numbness.

In cases were eliminating the pain completely isn’t possible, there are still ways to manage the pain in a way that permits continuing daily activities.

Potential for Bone Loss

Many older adults have a greater risk of osteoporosis or arthritis that may first appear in the spine. Over time, joint and bone disorders may cause bone loss and also affect a person’s balance, increasing their risk of falling and suffering a severe injury. Addressing these issues early is crucial for controlling them, and many of the problems can be treated with lifestyle changes or medication. It is possible to increase the function of the nervous system, improve overall health, and strengthen bones.

Many Issues are Treatable

Even less-serious causes of back pain may not heal on their own, and many only get worse. Fortunately, a high percentage of issues are treatable through chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage, medication, and other non-invasive methods. Depending on the source of the discomfort, consulting a professional for help may be the only way to find relief.

Those currently suffering from Low Back Pain in Ferguson can schedule an appointment with Back & Neck Care Center. They offer advanced treatment for pain and understand that this type of pain can quickly disrupt life, making it difficult to participate in the things that are enjoyed. Visit for additional information.

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