Affordable Employee Programs For Drug Testing in Anderson, OH

Drug Testing in Anderson OH is still an important part of every employee safety program. Not only are these testing programs able to save companies money, they also help to keep everyone safer and may even be legally required depending on the type of work that is performed. By requiring standard testing during the application process and after any accident, as well as including random testing, many companies are able to drop their accident rates and make the workplace a more enjoyable place for everyone.

Despite the increased acceptance of marijuana as a legal drug for medicinal purposes, it is still illegal to use in many work environments. This includes equipment operators, commercial drivers and people working in many health care positions. Clear no-tolerance policies regarding the use of drugs and alcohol can deter many employees from taking unnecessary chances. Drug Testing in Anderson OH is a necessity to ensure these policies are fairly enforced.

Implementing these programs can only be possible if each business is able to partner with a reliable medical facility. This is necessary because it means that it will be possible to get testing done on a schedule that meets the needs of the business. Companies that want their employees tested following an incident cannot wait days, or even hours, to have the work done. Random testing should also be easy to schedule and be efficient enough to get the employee back to work as soon as possible. The cost of the testing matters too. Since many companies enact these policies to reduce insurance costs, they will not want to lose all of their potential savings on implementation.

These reasons are why Eastside Urgent Care offers a number of occupational medicine services. They have convenient work hours, do not require appointments and they have on-site laboratories so the test results are available quickly. They also offer many other valuable services for employers including DOT exams, rehabilitation services and even corporate flu shot clinics. Collaborating with the clinic is a great way to establish a professional policy, provide valuable medical services to all employees and to make everything more affordable for the company too.

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