An Alcohol Rehab Center in New Castle DE Is Ready to Help Drinkers Who Have Started Hiding Vodka Use

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Addictions


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Numerous signs are postulated as indicating when a person has a problem with alcohol. Drinking alone regularly is one, and not being able to stop after two drinks is another. Some would say that a person should consider registering with an Alcohol Rehab Center in New Castle DE if he or she has made a switch from any other type of alcohol to vodka in the effort to hide drinking behavior.

Lack of Odors

Vodka is relatively difficult to notice by fragrance when somebody adds it to soda or even drinks it straight. That makes fooling people easier, as someone can sip a travel mug with a lot of vodka in it and nobody is the wiser. Drinking vodka from a hidden flask or sneaking a chug from a bottle also is less likely to be detected than if someone tries this was a more aromatic form of liquor. That lack of odor also makes it more difficult to detect on someone’s breath.

Clear Liquor

In addition, vodka can be placed in any clear container masked as something else. It can be poured into a bottle labeled as a commercial water brand, for example. It can be mixed with clear soda and not change the color of that soft drink. If a person goes to a dry event and soft drinks are available, sneaking vodka into the beverage will likely go unnoticed.

Other Signs of Trouble

When someone starts drinking vodka at work, during school or at activities where alcohol is prohibited, it’s time to start thinking seriously about seeking help from an Alcohol Rehab Center in New Castle DE. Substance abuse is also indicated when someone feels compelled to drink every day or nearly so, or routinely starts early in the day. This person might add a few shots of vodka to the morning orange juice, knowing no one in the family will realize what’s going on.

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