An Integrated Approach Offers Better Family Medicine in Asheville, NC

Each member of your family may need a number of different types of healthcare over the average year. From common sprains and strains to treating colds, ear infections and skin problem, you want quality care that takes into account the unique needs of each of your loved ones. Holistic care considers the whole person and the many factors that contribute to good health at every age.

Managing Urgent Care Health Problems

An illness or injury can occur at any time. Providing urgent care for those sudden problems is an important part of your healthcare. You may need treatment of a deep cut, medication for respiratory infection or testing to determine the cause of illness. Competent, compassionate medical care will help to get you back on track for your daily life. Whether you need a physical exam for school or athletic activity or intensive treatment, you can rely on the healthcare professionals who have the right training and experience.

Utilizing Preventative and Holistic Principles To Maintain Good Health

Looking at the whole person and what they need to maximize their health is an essential part of integrative medicine. The concept includes a wide range of therapies and practice that help to ensure your family is given the individualized care they need to thrive.

Maintaining good health is more than just a matter of treating the body. Optimal health also involves emotional, mental, spiritual and community factors. A holistic approach looks at all aspects of life that contribute to the health of individuals of various ages. When looking for providers of family medicine in Asheville, NC, contact Integrated Family Medicine of Ashville, for a holistic approach to keeping your family healthy.

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