Applied Psychological Feedback and its Role in Therapy

About 25 years ago, therapists did not consider applied psychological feedback among the main treatment methods for anxiety. However, insurance companies and medical professionals currently rank the medical process among the best.

Anxiety is among the most common psychological disorders affecting millions of Americans. According to experts, over 6.8 million American adults suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, only 43.2% of this population is receiving treatment.

First, before delving into the role played by this therapeutic tool, here’s a look into its meaning:

Biofeedback: What it Means and How it Works

Psychological disorders are becoming increasingly popular. The triggers vary, and individuals exhibit different symptoms. Still, reducing these symptoms and treating anxiety needs a mind-body connection.

Before anything else, a professional connects you to electrical sensors. These electric instruments help gain more information about psychological and body functions.  

Once you receive the feedback, you learn ways to manipulate your body. For instance, individuals with anxiety learn how to slow down their heart rate.

Moreover, this technique teaches you how to read the signs of an anxiety attack. Therefore, you’ll handle it better.

The Benefits for Treating Anxiety

Medications are the most common treatment approach used by medical professionals. However, medications have several disadvantages. Firstly, prolonged use of drugs is harmful to your body.

Fortunately, applied psychological feedback has fewer risks compared to most medications. Here are the advantages:

    • It is non-invasive
    • It gives patients more control of their health
    • It complements medications
    • Is applicable to pregnant women
    • Reduces or eliminates the need for medications

The Risks

Applied psychological feedback has several benefits. However, there are some risks involved. Although this treatment method is generally safe, it does not suit everyone. For instance, people with heart rhythm issues and skin conditions experience issues when undergoing the process.

Professionals recommend you seek your doctor’s opinion before starting the treatment process. Moreover, biofeedback services in New York are available. So, if you need treatment for your anxiety, visit the nearest health professional to receive this service.

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