Are Temp Employees More Likely to Need Services for Occupational Health in Cincinnati, OH?

For various reasons, temporary workers are generally more at risk of an acute or gradual-onset injury in the workplace than permanent employees are. Reputable employers make sure their temporary workers who have been hurt on the job receive attention from a clinic offering services for Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH. In some instances, those individuals contract with an employment agency and should be covered by worker’s compensation through that organization.

Employers often direct their injured workers to certain practitioners providing service for Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH. Those practitioners might include general physicians, physical therapists, and orthopedic specialists, depending on the circumstances. The employee should not be pressured to return to work until the medical care provider determines that doing so will not make the injury worse or compromise the healing process. A different job might be available that doesn’t cause any strain, and a worker may be able to do this work on a short-term basis until fully recovered.

This can even apply to office workers. A graphic arts employee who has developed neck and back muscle spasms due to an ergonomically incorrect workstation and improper posture might be able to do projects that don’t involve intensive use of a keyboard or a mouse, for example. Someone who only works temp jobs may not have had the advantage of guidance, or even company workshops, on good posture and techniques when having to stay at a computer all day. Also, temp office employees frequently are stuck with the lowest-quality seating arrangement and equipment in the building, which does not help matters any.

Researchers have paid a great deal of attention to occupational health in regard to temporary workers. A study by the American Public Health Association, for instance, is lengthy and cites fifty sources. Examples of authoritative sources include the government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That particular research focuses on making the workplace safer for employees who aren’t permanent. If someone does become injured on the job, that person can receive treatment and therapy at a facility such as Eastside Urgent Care.

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