Are Those Sinus Problems in Jasper, IN Due to Pet Allergies?

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Health


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Anyone who has dealt with Sinus Problems in Jasper IN understands how miserable the day can become. Something is causing the problem and the only way to find out what’s happening is to undergo a series of tests. Many people find that the root cause of their sinus issues is a reaction to pet dander. Here are some of the signs that something trapped in the fur of a pet is creating the discomfort.

Eye Redness

Anything that inflames the sinuses will impact other areas of the head. It’s not unusual for people who notice their eyes become red and somewhat swollen after being at home for a little while to be allergic to something connected with pet dander. That something is not necessarily the pet hair itself. It could be the new pet shampoo the owner has started using, or it could be something the pet gets into while outside. The Sinus Problems in Jasper IN will begin to fade once the range of possibilities is narrowed down and something is done to remedy the situation.


This is a more direct sign the sinus problems are connected with the presence of a pet in the home. While it’s true the sneezing is worse when the pet is close by, it still happens even if the dog or cat is in another room. That’s because the pet dander and any residue clinging to the dander is also deposited on chairs, the carpeting, and other elements. Some people find that having the pet professionally bathed and a thorough house cleaning do wonders to ease the sneezing.


A recurring headache can also be a sign that a pet allergy is causing problems with the sinuses. This is especially true if a headache is accompanied by some amount of congestion. Unless the patient wants to take something for the pain every day, it pays to find out what is clinging to the pet hair and causing the discomfort and take steps to get rid of whatever is leading to those headaches.

Instead of suffering from sinus issues day in and day out, Meet Dr. Smith specialist today and arrange to undergo a series of allergy tests. Whether the results indicate an issue with pet dander or some other cause, rest assured there is a course of treatment that will make things better.

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