Benefits of Seeing a Manual Therapist Strongsville Oh

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Physiotherapy Center


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Manual therapy is a hands-on technique that addresses muscle and soft tissue pain, joint stiffness and posture and helps with more efficient movement. Manual therapy includes techniques that treat musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction and can provide a number of benefits, including restoring fluid motion to the affected joint or soft tissue with a focus on improved movement.

Physical therapists and hand therapists use manual therapy to help restore mobility, improve motor control, reduce pain and boost the efficiency of movement. Manual therapy uses techniques like soft tissue massage, joint mobilization and manipulation, lymphatic drainage and passive and assisted functional movement. The benefits of manual therapy go beyond just the treatment to the benefits of physical touch and connection between the therapist and the patient, which contribute to healing.

How exactly does seeing a Manual Therapist Strongsville Oh benefit patients? Manual therapy is personalized to each patient’s unique condition and it is incorporated into an overall treatment plan, according to the specific needs of the patient’s body.

There are a number of different techniques that physical therapists and hand therapists use during patient care. For example, massage can help decrease inflammation, boost the flexibility and mobility of muscles, increase the mobility of adhesions between soft tissues and offer muscle extensibility. Mobilization and manipulation of joints can also improve mobility and modulate pain. Manual therapy can be used along with physical exercise to restore function to the treated area, as well as the whole body.

Manual therapy is a very hands-on treatment and allows for the combination of science and art to benefit the patient. Manual therapy uses a diverse range of techniques to enable each patient to achieve better movement patterns and make progress towards their unique health goals.

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