Choosing In Home Care in Washington DC after Surgery

Regardless of age, it takes time to recover from surgery. The amount of time, however, increases with age. While your loved one is recovering, you want the peace of mind knowing that he or she is getting high-quality care from In Home Care in Washington DC. If a family member knows in advance that a loved one is going to undergo an operation, it is better to find a home health agency before the operation takes place.

If older people need help moving from the hospital or is at home with prescription drugs, preparation always reduces the stress associated with any surgical procedure. If the surgery involves hip, knee surgery, plastic surgery, heart surgery, or any other type of surgery, a licensed home nursing agent offers reliable assistance to improve the loved ones health. A study by the American Medical Association has also shown that older adults were 43% less likely to die within three months after surgery when they received professional home care. Regardless of the type of surgery, care services should involve things like:

  • Personal assistance involves personal care such as bathing and dressing;
  • The administration of medication;
  • Range of motion exercises;
  • Transportation to and from physical therapy, medical appointments and so on; and
  • Shopping, cooking and nutrition; changing ice bags or dressings, which includes helping with durable medical equipment (DME) as getting in and out of a wheelchair. Therefore, it is important to do your homework and hire an in-home care in Washington DC that has experience in providing in-home care.

When interviewing more than one home care agency, there are some key questions you need to ask to ensure they are qualified. These range from asking them if they are bonded and insured to whether they pay workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. All health care agencies should perform criminal background checks on their employees to ensure proper licensing and safety. How do they recruit, train, and review their employees? Do they have experience caring for patients following the same surgery as your loved one? Can they provide a comprehensive care plan? Contact VMT Home Health Agency to learn more.

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