Clinic in Maui Welcomes Walk-Ins

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Health Care


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Whether close to home or on a far away vacation, people feel better when they know that there is a doctor nearby in case of emergencies. In many ways access to basic healthcare shapes the decisions that people make each and every day. Everyone needs a doctor to turn to when sudden illness strikes the home. Just as important is knowing that one can get access to precious medicines while thousand miles away from a personal physician. That is why one Clinic in Maui has taken all of the steps necessary to make themselves a safe haven for both residents and visitors to the region.

Local patients turn to the reliable staff of Wailea Medical Center, led by Dr. Annelle Onishi, whenever illness or injury hit. Designed to tackle the health concerns of a growing community, these practitioners have added every possible medical convenience to their services. Their on-site services are capable of taking X-rays to help diagnose bone breaks and fractures to get patients the care they need as soon as possible. Their family medical practice is capable of seeing patients regardless of age or illness. They have invested a lot of time into their pediatric care unit as well. Other emergency services such as IV fluids are available, and certified healthcare professionals are able to treat patients on a walk-in basis.

These services may be even more pertinent to visitors of the island. There is no need to worry about being out of reach of the family doctor here. Visitors will be treated on a walk-in basis and can even have their prescriptions filled through the clinic. This is especially important for patients with medications that they need each and every day. Care professionals at the clinic don’t want to put anyone at risk. That is why they have made it possible for visitors to get same day access to emergency medications.

This Clinic in Maui is devoted to the health of the citizens of Wailea as well as those that are just visiting this beautiful location. People can rely on their services around the clock, even on holidays. Visitors and citizens alike can relax, knowing that dedicated professionals at this clinic are there for them.

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