Common Myths About Physical Therapy That Need to Be Debunked

Physical therapists are professionals who have been trained to help people restore their mobility and reduce pain. They are movement experts. Physical therapy in Wayne, NJ, has a number of benefits. However, the myths surrounding it prevents people from getting physical therapy.

Myth: I Need to Get a Referral Before I See a Physical Therapist

Fact: A survey that was taken by the American Physical Therapy Association showed that 70 percent of people believed that they need to get a referral before they saw a physical therapist. However, you can get evaluated by a physical therapist without getting a referral from your physical therapist.

Myth: Physical Therapy Hurts

Fact: Physical therapy probably will not be painful for you. In fact, many people get physical therapy because they are tired of dealing with pain. Physical therapy can help your body heal itself, which can completely eliminate pain.

Myth: Physical Therapy Is Just for Accidents and Injuries

Fact: Many people get physical therapy after an accident or injury because they want to heal and strengthen their weak muscles. However, it is not just for people who have been in an accident or suffered an injury. Physical therapy can be used as a preventative treatment. In many cases, chronic headaches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and frozen shoulder can be prevented with physical therapy.

Myth: Physical Therapy Is Something I Can Do Myself

Fact: You will have to do exercises at home in order to get the most out of physical therapy. However, you will still need the guidance of a physical therapist. They have the clinical expertise and education that is needed to guide you properly. They can also create a customized plan for you based on your needs.

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