A Daycare, Dog Grooming In Omaha NE and Accommodations Are Offered At A Pet Resort

An individual may feel skeptical about leaving their dog at home and hiring someone to stop by to care for their pet if a work-related project requires spending time out of town. A better option is to take a pet to a resort that provides sleeping accommodations, daycare sessions and grooming services. Additional information about the services offered is listed below.

An Indoor And Outdoor Daycare

Daycare services are offered indoors and outdoors. During each session, pets are closely monitored. Artificial turf is installed outdoors and a cushioned surface is utilized in the indoor area. Music and television are added to each daycare setting and assist with keeping pets calm.
A variety of pet toys are offered and pets are welcome to use the items during their stay. Rates for pet care vary, depending upon if a pet is dropped off for a few hours or a full day or longer.

A Grooming Center

Attendants who work in a center for Dog Grooming in Omaha NE will address concerns associated with a pet’s coat and nails. A client can choose for their pet to receive basic services that include a bath, combing session and nail trimming procedures.
For a full service grooming appointment, a pet will receive a haircut after their bath. Clients can also customize Dog Grooming in Omaha NE appointments by choosing one or more services that they would like their pet to receive.

Spacious Accommodations

Spacious accommodations that are climate-controlled are offered to each animal guest. Cameras and staff members closely watch over each dog. If a pet needs to follow a specific diet or is accustomed to sleeping on a particular type of pet bed, a client can drop off supplies at a spa so that their pet will be comfortable during their stay.
Additional information about a pet resort and the services that dogs are provided with can be found by visiting Cottonwoodpetresort.com or a website that is similar. Interested individuals can request an appointment with the director of a resort. During this time, a tour will be offered so that a pet owner can view the inside and outside of a resort and meet some of the individuals who are employed at the business.

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