Details About the Need for Vision Therapy Provided by an Optometrist in Hutchinson KS

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Eye Care


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Some children have a difficult time visually processing information, which can make learning to read a significant problem for them. An eye exam and vision test may show that they see normally, yet they have difficulties connected with impaired vision. An Optometrist in Hutchinson KS who provides vision therapy often can help these youngsters. This is a type of developmental therapy known to be helpful for many youngsters.


Parents may initially suspect that the child has attention deficit disorder or a learning disability when developmental troubles with vision are causing the symptoms. The child may be falling behind in schoolwork and may express significant frustration with his or her studies. This youngster may dislike reading simply because the activity is too hard, even though there are no cognitive impairments.

The Need for Additional Testing

An Optometrist in Hutchinson KS who provides vision therapy does additional testing beyond the usual vision evaluations and eye exam. Testing with standard eye charts doesn’t uncover every possible issue with vision. The optometrist may find that the patient’s eyes don’t function properly even though the basic testing does not indicate any problems. A child may not have myopia, presbyopia or astigmatism and still having trouble reading due to vision issues.

Conservative Treatment

After a diagnosis has been made, treatment involves the performance of a customized eye exercise program. The child will practice the exercises at the clinic and then performs them at home under a parent’s supervision.


Sometimes the condition is evident to the parents and teachers. An example is an amblyopia, commonly called lazy eye. The eyes do not always track together. Conservative treatment recommended by an optometrist or ophthalmologist at a clinic such as Business name may resolve the problem. This requires wearing a patch over the eye that tracks normally, essentially forcing the other eye to move in order to see properly. If this treatment fails, surgery may be necessary.

Parents may ask the eye doctor how long these conservative treatments like eye exercises and wearing a patch will last before it’s time to consider other options. Information about one optometry practice providing vision therapy can be viewed at website domain.

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