Details About What to Expect While Providing Dialysis in New York

If you enjoy helping others and working in the medical field, then a career as a dialysis nurse might be an option to consider. You’ll usually work in a hospital or an office where patients have dialysis treatments multiple times during the week. Consider a few details about a dialysis nurse job so that you have a better understanding of the tasks you would perform each day.


You’ll usually work in a variety of environments in this career field. The most common is chronic dialysis. You’ll care for those who have treatments about two to three times a week. This is where you’ll often learn details about your patients and develop relationships with them. Acute dialysis treatment often means that you’ll provide immediate care for patients who need their kidneys treated as soon as possible.


If you have a desire to pursue a dialysis nurse job, you’ll need to take the required science and health classes in school. Most of the time, you’ll need to obtain a nursing degree as well. This is because of the equipment that you’ll work with and the care that you’ll need to provide to your patients. As you gain experience, you’ll usually feel more comfortable working with patients and the tools used in the field.

Advanced Care

If you choose to further your education, you open doorways to writing prescriptions and working with patients in a case management setting. You’ll provide assistance for families of those who are experiencing dialysis and offer support during the end-stages of kidney failure when dialysis doesn’t always work.

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