Diagnosing and Treating a Sinus Headache in Bethlehem PA

There are many medical conditions that plague individuals. Fortunately, there are different areas of the medical field that have been studied thoroughly and in a way, have become experts about. For example, the treatment of a Sinus Headache in Bethlehem PA is done visiting a specialist for the ear, nose and throat. This is known as Otolaryngology. Otolaryngologists are physicians trained in diagnosing and treating various conditions in the ear, nose, throat (ENT) and different areas in the neck and head.

Symptoms Of A Sinus Headache

A sinus infection happens when the nasal cavities are swollen, inflamed or infected. Such infections can be caused by a virus, allergies, tooth infections and nasal polyps. Pain above and below the eyes and behind the nose are the most common symptoms of a Sinus Headache in Bethlehem PA. Nasal discharge often occurs. This can be green, yellow or cloudy. Nasal congestion is often times experienced by people as well. This can cause their sense of smell and taste to go dull for the duration of the infection. The ongoing pressure in the sinuses leads to a headache. It can also lead to earaches, dental pain and pain experienced in the cheeks and jaws.

Treating A Sinus Infection

There are many ENT specialists available in a given area to diagnose and treat sinus infections. Learn more at . The most common treatment is the use of an antibiotic. In addition to that, a nasal spray or a drop decongestant may also be prescribed. At home treatments includes a saline nasal spray or inhaling steam to relieve discomfort from sinus pain. If all else fails, surgery should be the last option to consider. This can be done under the upper lip, behind the eyebrow, inside the nose or next to the nose.

A sinus infection can last a really long time. If symptoms as described above are being experienced, seeking medical attention is necessary. Each individual is different when it comes to medical cases. A specialist can diagnose and come up with a treatment plan based on test results and what the individual is experiencing.

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