Evaluating The Procedure And The IVF Cost In San Antonio, TX

In Texas, the need for in vitro fertilization depends on the condition that is preventing reproduction. The most common conditions are associated with blockages in the fallopian tubes and the development of cysts. These conditions could require these fertility treatments to increase the odds of successful conception. The first step for most women when facing these challenges is to evaluate these treatments and the IVF Cost in San Antonio TX.

How is In Vitro Fertilization Performed?

The mother is given a round of fertility medications before the fertilization process begins. These treatments increase her chances of maintaining the implanted embryo. However, women should understand that the use of fertility medications could increase their chances of multiple births.

Next, a sample is acquired from the mother and father. These samples are used to simulate fertilization in a controlled environment. It is advisable for the parents to provide several samples for freezing. This could increase their chances of successful fertilization. If the reproductive issue is related to the fallopian tubes, this implantation of a fertilized embryo gives the highest chances of successful conception. Once the egg is fertilized, the implantation process must be performed within 48 hours.

When the Procedure is Unsuccessful

If the implantation fails, the doctor must analyze the samples more thoroughly to determine if either party is the cause of these Fertility Texas difficulties. If this the case, a donor is acquired to help the couple achieve conception. These donations are made privately and based on the criteria provided by the couple.

Are There Side Effects?

Yes, there are side effects associated with in vitro fertilization. The most common of these side effects are bloating, breast tenderness, bleeding, and pelvic pain. If these side effects become more severe, the patient should report them to their doctor.

What are the Costs Associated With These Treatments?

The average cost of in vitro fertilization ranges up to $17,000 per procedure. If the patient has their samples frozen this cost is increased by up to $1,000.

Texas couples may require in vitro fertilization to achieve conception. These treatments could help patients avoid conditions that prevent conception naturally. These conditions could originate in the fallopian tubes or be the results of scar tissue from previous surgeries. Women wish to evaluate the IVF Cost in San Antonio TX should contact a provider today.

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