Five Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea in Grove City

Sleep Apnea is a devastating disorder that has been gaining attention over the last twenty years. This condition is caused by airway obstructions that lead a person to stop breathing while they are sleeping. For some, this condition is brought on by weight gain and others find their sleep apnea to be caused by obstructions in the mouth and throat which cause the airway to be blocked when lying down. These signs should prompt a person to seek their doctor regarding Sleep Apnea Grove City.

     *      One of the hallmark symptoms of sleep apnea is loud and chronic snoring. Often, individuals are not even aware they are snoring until alerted by their bed partner. In some cases, the snoring can become so loud a person is actually awakened by the sounds they are making.

     *      Most people will not realize this sign unless someone else alerts them. When a person stops breathing on a regular basis during the night, this is a big sign of alarm. Individuals will sometimes wake up gasping for air, depending on how severe the cessation of breath.

     *      While feeling tired all of the time can be caused by many health concerns, when coupled with other symptoms, extreme tiredness may alert a doctor to diagnose a patient with sleep apnea. Ideally, a person should wake feeling energized and rested instead of tired and groggy.

     *      Patients with sleep apnea will often experience mood swings and depression. The more of these symptoms a person has, the more likely they are to be in danger of having sleep apnea.

     *      Frequently waking with a headache is a common complaint of those who suffer from Sleep Apnea in Allentown PA. This symptom is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain while sleeping. When oxygen levels are low, the vessels in the brain become dilated which can cause pain.

If you have several or all of these symptoms, it is crucial you seek a diagnosis so the right treatment can be put into place. For further information on the symptoms and dangers of sleep apnea, visit . Call today and schedule your appointment with the doctor.

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