Get Rehabilitation Therapy In Madison CT In Nice Surroundings

Who says nursing homes and rehabilitation centers have to be institutional looking and crowded? There are places for Rehabilitation Therapy in Madison CT that are attractive and comfortable with many amenities of home. Rehabilitation centers such as Gladeview Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Madison CT believe in helping patients recover from surgery or health emergencies in beautiful surroundings with caring health personnel and many of the amenities of home. Temporary residents have entertainment and many socializing opportunities in lounges and common areas and on landscaped grounds.

Rehabilitation Therapy in Madison CT may not be like a fancy vacation but it is as close as possible. The facility has beautiful, landscaped grounds and spacious, attractive lounges and common areas to interact with other patients and enjoy entertainment. Some other amenities include beauty and barber services, Wi-Fi, phone, and Satelite television, a gift shop, and a library. Though patients may work hard on rehabilitation, they also have plenty of opportunities for social and leisure activities. They may even make some new friends during this transitional time of their lives.

The most important goal will always be to get each patient back home as quickly as possible. When a person goes home they will have the best health and range of motion possible. They will have achieved the fullest recovery possible for their condition. People who have had a stroke or heart attack will have regained strength, speech, and range of motion. People who have suffered a serious illness or a broken bone will have received 24-hour nursing care, physical therapy, complex wound recovery treatment, and orthopedic recovery care. Patients who have had joint replacement surgery will have gotten the best after surgery care and physical therapy and orthopedic recovery care possible.

As recovery progresses, each patient receives a personalized care plan and comprehensive discharge planning. The nursing team will make arrangements for each patient to be connected to all the out-patient and in-home services they need for a full recovery and continuing good health. If health conditions make returning home to live impossible, this facility has nursing care facilities available on a long-term basis. Please contact  for more information on rehabilitation and nursing care.

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