How a Breast Reduction can Help Relieve Your Back and Neck Pain Issues

When people think of breast surgery, they often think of enhancements to make them larger, more symmetrical, and to make them firmer. However, there are a variety of reasons why a person may select to have breast surgery performed. Some women elect to have breast reconstruction performed after a mastectomy to help them retain their natural appearance. While other women choose to have breast reduction surgery in Chicago performed to help reduce chronic back and neck pain caused by too large of breasts.

How the Size of a Woman’s Breasts can affect Their Lives

A woman with large breasts can suffer from rashes underneath their breasts that can be irritating and unpleasant to look at. They can have poor posture because the weight of their chest causes them to hunch over more than normal which can lead to chronic pain in their back and neck. They often are the brunt of very cruel jokes that can lead to a lower self-esteem and find it hard to find clothes that fit their body’s right. This does not include the activities such as exercise they may find difficult to do because of their large breasts.

A Respected Surgeon Can Provide Phenomenal Results

When searching for a cosmetic surgeon to perform your surgery consult with one with years of experience. They will have an established reputation within the cosmetic community of providing extraordinary results for their patients. Lakeshore Plastic Surgery takes the time required to work with their clients to understand the goals they want to achieve with their surgery. You can learn more about the skilled work that Dr. Horn provides for his patients by viewing photos of past clients on his website domain URL.

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