How Liposuction for Men is Different from Liposuction for Women

No office focused on improving outer appearance is complete without liposuction. The procedure is a top cosmetic request for women, and the amazing results are piquing men’s interest as well. However, men don’t view liposuction from the same perspective as women. First off, a man’s fat is thicker and tougher to maneuver than women’s spongy and loose fat. Other differences include the following.

Ideal Image
As motioned above, men have different agendas for liposuction than women. A male’s ideal image is a toned body with six-pack abs and a muscular . To do this, the doctor targets selected fat to highlight more muscle. Conversely, a woman’s ideal image is the beach body hourglass figure. Print and broadcast media view this image with a flat stomach, small waist, curvy hips, and flawless appearance. To do this, the doctor focuses on removing fat in loose areas of the body so the woman appears fit, thin, and smooth.

Target Areas
The legs, arms, face, butt, hips, lower stomach, and love handles are common places women will go under the knife to remove, but no area of the body is off limits. Men, however, are selective. Men instruct doctors who perform liposuction in Vancouver to remove love handles, neck, and abs. Rare male requests for removal are on the thighs, hips, chest, and chin.

Stubborn fat on a male body takes longer to remove than women due to extraction difficulty. Recovery time takes longer for men than women due to possible bruises. The flip side to a lengthy procedure is long-lasting results. Meanwhile, a woman’s procedure is faster along with less recovery time due to easy fat removal. However, the results won’t last unless the woman changes her eating habits.

Men and women approach liposuction differently and expect different results. Therefore, men who come into an office that offers liposuction in Vancouver need to understand their bodies and the reason for this procedure.

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