How Speech Therapy In Old Saybrook CT Can Help A Child With A Speech Impediment

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Millions of young children suffer from some sort of speech impediment. Some are very minor, while others are more serious. In some cases, the speech problem can be so serious that parents have a difficult time understanding their children. This can be very upsetting for the parents and very frustrating for the child. When this happens, parents should consider sending their children to Speech Therapy in Old Saybrook CT.

Benefits of Sending a Child To Speech Therapy

There are several ways that a child can benefit from going to regular speech therapy classes. Some of these include:

Parents and teachers will be able to understand their children better.

The child will have greater self-esteem

The child will have an easier time making friends and socializing.

The child will feel more independent when he is understood.

The child will be able to speak fluently.

The child will excel in school.

It will be safer and easier for the child to swallow.

The child will have a better quality of life in the future.

The child will have an improved vocal quality.

Desired Outcome of Speech Therapy

When parents send their children to Speech Therapy in Old Saybrook CT they hope to improve their child’s communication skills by setting goals. First, they will want to improve the child’s coordination of the speech muscles by having the child do tongue strengthening exercises using a tongue depressor. They will also do training exercises, using imitation and repetition. They will use mirrors and tape recorders to improve communication between the body and the brain. Finally, they will improve fluency using breathing exercises. The better a child gets at doing these exercises, the closer they will be to achieving their goals. By the time the child has completed their speech therapy, they should be able to communicate with their parents, siblings, teachers, and their peers. In the end, the child will be much happier.

If a parent is having trouble understanding their child, and the child is becoming increasing frustrated, the best thing for the child is to start speech therapy classes. For more information, Visit Website.

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