If you Live in Lancaster, California and you Have Sciatica you Need to Find a Great Chiropractor

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Chiropractor


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Your primary care doctor has diagnosed you with sciatica and suggested you visit a chiropractor for treatment of your sciatica in Lancaster, CA.

What is sciatica? It is a condition that occurs when there is compression, inflammation, irritation or pinching of the nerves in your back that runs down to your legs. While the situation can be painful, it is often not too serious.

Most patients with sciatica may get better on their own with rest, but many cases are serious enough to need further help from a chiropractor. Very severe cases often need surgery.

The term sciatica comes from the fact that the inflammation is directed to the sciatic nerve. In addition to pain, another symptom can be tingling or numbness in the nerve. There is a sciatic nerve on each side of your body, running down to your legs.

About 40% of Americans swill experience the pain from sciatica in their lifetimes. There are a number of medical issues that can cause the condition, such as pregnancy, injuries, herniated discs and other issues.

If your self-care such as ice and rest does not solve the problem, you can see a chiropractor to treat sciatica in Lancaster, CA. These doctors will use physical therapy, flexibility exercises, heating, massage, stretching, strength, and perhaps spinal injections to relive your pain. Chiropractic treatment is a relatively common way to treat sciatica.

To find a chiropractor to treat your sciatic pain in Lancaster, California, reach out to Dr. Eric Shaver at Allied Chiropractic for and initial appointment.

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