In-Home Care for Disabled Children Helps the Entire Family Continue Living Normally

When caring for a disabled child becomes too overwhelming for the family who must meet work and school obligations, an organization providing In-Home Care in Philadelphia PA is a great help. Without this service, the parents may feel there is no other option but to have the child live elsewhere, such as a care facility for youngsters with extreme special needs.

General Advantages

Professional caregivers coming to the home allow the parents to earn enough money to maintain the house and feed the kids. The children who are not disabled can have a relatively normal life since they do not have to spend all their free time helping care for their sibling or helping out with chores around the house.

Extreme Special Needs

Many conditions cause enough disability that a child cannot manage independently at all. These kids need more specialized care than a general babysitter provides. Some cases of cerebral palsy, for instance, leave the youngster unable to walk, to use arms and hands effectively for most tasks, or even to speak. Some autistic children require continuous supervision and help with basic daily living tasks. A family may be able to keep a schizophrenic child or teenager living at home with the assistance of an organization providing In-Home Care in Philadelphia PA.

Services Available

Services available from an organization such as Angels on Call have a broad range. Skilled nursing service is available, although this often is not necessarily for children with these types of conditions. Many disabled children mainly need socialization opportunities with a companion and general supervision so they stay safe. Caregivers prepare meals for the clients and feed them if necessary. If the child is incontinent, caregivers manage those needs too. They can also assist the kids with hygiene tasks.

Avoiding Burnout

Even when parents can juggle their work shifts, the one can always be home with the disabled child, trying to manage this way tends to lead to caregiver burnout. Such situations often lead to divorce, making matters even more difficult and complicated. The adults not only need the option to continue working as needed, they also need some amount of free time for their well-being. Hiring a service for home caregiving provides a solution.

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