Low Birth Weight Could Predict Adult Health Problems – Child Pediatrician in San Antonio Texas

While you are pregnant, it is very important that you educate yourself on the potential problems that your baby faces that are directly related to your pregnancy. In the last few years, it has come to light exactly how important the mother’s health during pregnancy is to the future health of her child. It has also come to light that problems faced during pregnancy could affect a person well into adulthood.

It is a well-known fact that babies who are born in the “low birth weight” category face more problems in their first year of life. However, it has recently been noted in studies completed by Dr. David Barker that low birth weight may be a precursor to developing heart problems later in life.

The majority of low birth weight babies are born to mothers who smoke. Other babies in this category are the product of intrauterine growth restriction, popularly known as IUGR. These babies undergo tremendous amounts of stress during critical times in their development.

Because of the stress they suffer from during their time in utero, the heart is already weakened. Throughout their life, the amount of stress they suffer from can increase this risk. With this information in hand, it is now up to obstetricians and pediatricians to educate women on the various reasons that a baby can be born in the low birth weight category.

While not all instances of low birth weight can be prevented, finding the right Child Pediatrician in San Antonio Texas to get prenatal advice from, can reduce your risk of having a low birth weight baby who is susceptible to developing one of these disorders.

Because of the research provided by Dr. Barker, your Child Pediatrician in San Antonio Texas may be an active member in contributing information to his future studies. It is now considered a high priority in health care, meaning that information regarding this growing problem, and how to prevent it, will be readily available through your obstetrician and the pediatrician that you plan to use once your baby is born.

Continue to educate yourself about how your choices affect your child, even before they are born. Caring for your child begins long before you become pregnant, and the more information you have, the better your child will be. Click Here to gain valuable information for the sake of your child.

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