What Are Your Needs for Vision Care Services in Madison, AL?

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Health


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Vision care can cover a broad range of services. Therefore, when choosing a vision care provider, you will want to visit an optometric facility that offers services for just about any eye care need. Not only should specific conditions be addressed, they should also be managed with the latest in innovative aids and equipment.

Eye Care Conditions

Some of the vision care services in Madison, AL cover the following conditions:

* Cataracts
* Diabetic retinopathy
* Dry eye
* Floaters and flashes
* Amblyopia
* Strabismus
* Pink eye or conjunctivitis
* Ocular allergies
* Astigmatism
* Keratoconus
* Blepharitis
* Presbyopia
* Glaucoma
* ARMD, or age-related macular degeneration

A Detached Retina

You should also be able to go to the same provider for contact lenses, vision therapy or LASIK surgery. Sometimes, however, you may need to visit an emergency room. This is true if you suffer from a detached retina. Vision care services can prevent a detached retina. However, if this condition actually occurs, you need to visit an emergency room without delay.

How the Condition Develops

The retina itself is a light-sensitive tissue that is located in the back of the eye. The retina transmits images to the brain optically. When the retina is healthy, it sits against the back of the eye. In this location, the blood vessels nourish it with nutrients and oxygen. However, if a tear in the retina occurs, it can become detached, impairing a person’s eyesight.

Again, vision care services can only go so far when a retinal detachment takes place. A detached retina usually results from an injury, cataract surgery, a tumor, or an eye disease. Sometimes, nearsightedness—which is extreme—may lead to a detachment.


A torn retina is marked by the following symptoms:

* Light flashes in the eye
* Floaters
* A dark shadow over a portion of the vision
* Watery or blurred vision or blind spots

Again, by the time a detachment occurs, it is best to visit an emergency room. You can also make inquiries by contacting a reliable optical provider such as Specs of Madison.

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