When Should a Nose Surgeon be Consulted?

There are various injuries and health situations that involve the nose. This prominent facial characteristic consists of cartilage tissue which is softer than bones. Noses can get injured from an accidental blow or other trauma that hits the face. This could be from a fight, motor vehicle accident or sports injury. After this type of impact, the nasal passageway and cartilage can be moved out of place. Over time, the nose might heal crooked or with a noticeable bump. Patients may have difficulty breathing through the nose at least on one side. There are nose specialists, but when should a nose surgeon be consulted? There is an experienced nose surgeon in Lisle IL.

Nose specialists could be ENT’s or a plastic surgeon with experience in facial procedures. Some individuals haven’t been in any type of accident or injury that involved their nose. They just dislike the appearance or function of their original nose. Larger noses, abnormal nasal tips and shape are often determined by genetics and ancestry. More individuals today are willing to undergo plastic surgery to change the nose and/or to improve function. This type of surgery demands a surgeon with the proper training, and patients have an excellent choice of a nose surgeon with a Lisle IL practice.

The actual method that the surgeon will use to repair or reshape the nose is determined by the specific details of each different case. Some minor nose jobs won’t require as much work or incision extent, and more complex cases will take much longer to get the look that the patient and surgeon desires. Women are often embarrassed by their distinctive noses that stand out, but more men are also electing to have cosmetic work on their noses. Contact the Center For Cosmetic & Laser Surgery.

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