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by | Jul 15, 2016 | Weight Loss


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Nutrition Therapy is a type of therapy that uses the patient’s diet to promote their well-being. This type of therapy is used by a nutritionist to help better the patient’s health and their performance. The nutritionist will meet with the patient and evaluate the individual’s needs and how they need to balance their nutrition.

Upon undergoing Nutrition Therapy, the therapist will evaluate the patient in several ways. The therapist will ask the patient about their diet. They may even ask that they keep a food journal so that there is no confusion. They will also review your eating habits. A person’s eating habits affect how they will follow their plan. The nutritionist will help the patient make better decisions as to what they choose to eat. Some patients may need to change a few habits, but some will need to make a complete diet change. The diet that the patient will follow will reflect what the nutritionist decides.

The nutritionist will evaluate the patient’s nutritional value of their diet. A normal adult’s diet should be balanced with a mix of fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and grains. Each of these makes up the food pyramid. The food pyramid shows what proportion of each category each individual needs. A well-balanced diet is very important. A patient’s diet reflects on their health and can either harm or help them. A well-balanced diet will positively impact their health and can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

The nutritionist will take a thorough review of the patient’s nutritional health. Upon reviewing this, they will be able to help the patient make changes. For example, a patient may be eating too many grains such as pasta and bread. This can be hazardous to their health. The nutritionist will guide the patient with substitutions that a patient can make to replace an unhealthy choice. The nutritionist will also develop a treatment plan for the patient to follow. This will include specific needs that a patient may require after their evaluation. The treatment plan will help the patient by bettering their health and improving their lifestyle. For more information about this, contact Allegheny Medical Integrated Health Services. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates.

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